The physical environment can encourage a person who is at risk to spend time enjoying being outdoors in a safe space.  Below are some ideas for in and around home to encourage people to stay in a safe attractive area, while reducing the chances that they will leave unexpectedly.


There are a number of things you could consider to ensure the person at risk goes out at the appropriate time and with protection.
Things to consider:

  • Install bells / buzzers / alerts that sound or send an alert when external doors/windows are opened.

  • Decorate or modify the exit doors so they are not obvious (for example place curtains in front of doors, place a mirror or artwork on the inside of the door).

  • Place keys and other objects associated with going outdoors out of sight until the appropriate time for going outside.

  • Visit your local disability store / resource center to see what they have to offer – visit Firstport to find your local provider.

  • Have indoor exercise activities such as a treadmill, so a person can enjoy walking whenever it is not possible to do so safely outdoors.


If you have a home with a garden / yard make it an interesting place. Consider creating fun activities for the person at risk to enjoy while being outdoors in an enclosed space. Depending on the person a fully fenced section with child safety gate latches may be appropriate. In some cases, funding may be available to assist with fencing – discuss this option with your health professional – GP or Specialist.