The following videos are of New Zealanders telling their own stories.

LandSAR is grateful to all the people who made this video series possible, especially the people who very generously have shared their lives with us.  This taonga has been created so others may understand Safer Walking and the benefit of having plans and technologies in place to enable personal freedom while managing the risk of going missing.  Although GPS based location devices in many situations provide an excellent solution, most of the people at risk in these videos have experience of using WanderSearch devices.  Look in the Technology Section for ideas.

We thank Dunedin District Land Search and Rescue Committee and the Wandersearch Canterbury Charitable Trust who helped connect people with experiences of going missing with the video producer, the Donald Beasley Institute and The Video Factory.

We are grateful for the funding that supported this video series from New Zealand Search and Rescue.

Russell and his wife Lorraine discuss how Russell (who has young onset dementia) enjoys a lifestyle that enables him to walk with freedom while providing peace of mind that should he go missing he can be found.

Jim (who has dementia) has enjoyed a lifetime of being active and walking in his community. Diana, Jim’s wife discusses the steps they have used to support Jim be active and safe.

Brodie (a young man with autism) and his carer Reuben, discuss Brodie’s walking and ways they enable his freedom while considering his safety.

Gary and Kim who are parents of Charlotte (a teenager with a disability) talk about past incidents when Charlotte has gone missing. They discuss strategies to enable Charlotte’s engagement in community and family outings while having peace of mind that if she does go missing she can be found.

Mikkel talks about incidents when his teenage son, Valde (who has autism) has gone missing in the past.  Mikkel also discusses strategies they use to reduce Valde’s risk of going missing.  

Braxton (a young person with autism) and his mum and grandmother discuss ways they have found to manage the risk of Braxton go missing.

Tak is a teacher at Waitaha School in Christchurch. Tak discusses what methods they have to ensure students with a risk of going missing are safe while enabling the freedom to enjoy normal school activities including school camps.